Charlbury in the Cotwolds – Things to see and do

Set in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, the small town of Charlbury combines rural charm with bustling town life.

Surrounded by the remains of the Wychwood Forest, Charlbury is full of fascination. Charlbury Museum, which opened in 1962 and is run by the Charlbury Society, charts the town’s past, including the glove-making industry for which it was once famous.

Nestling in the Evenlode Valley, sequestered down winding B roads but with its railway station, Charlbury is a vibrant town. It is a centre for festivals, including the Riverside Music Festival in June, the Charlbury Beer Festival in late June or July, the Wilderness Festival in August, and the Charlbury Street Fair in September, which dates back to 1955.

The town is full of welcoming pubs and is an ideal base for walking and cycling.

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