Nailsworth – Things to see and do

An artistic town full of surprises, Nailsworth is renowned for its award-winning restaurants, pubs, cafes and a celebrated bakery,  home to the Fabulous Baker Brothers.

Nailsworth remains lively throughout the day and evening. Its small individual shops offer a fantastic variety of goods – organic locally grown produce, first-class delicatessen products, fair-trade items from across the world, and fascinating antiques and collectables. 

The town can claim to have the most significant number of working water wheels per square mile in England.

At the heart of Nailsworth’s vibrant artistic scene is Ruskin Mill, a place of inspiration and creativity. Set in stunning, organic water gardens, it’s a must-visit for anyone with an artistic soul. 

To the north of Nailsworth lies the mysterious and haunted Woodchester Mansion, which has lakes surrounding the area.

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